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Dating sites and the online dating scene can be a confusing and frustrating place for uninitiated Conservative singles. Many of you are trying online dating for the first time and do not know what to expect. Here are a few tips to help you have the best shot of enjoying the online dating experience:

Be yourself. Conservatives singles are all very special, and we all have something to offer to the “right” person. There is nothing to be gained from lying about who you are or posting “exaggerated” facts in your online dating profile. We recommend that you make a laundry list of all your strengths and interests. Feeling confident while composing your personal ad in order to communicate your best features is a great way to catalog your best traits. Remember, nothing gets attention more than a photograph, just be sure to post a recent photo and not something that is outdated or too fuzzy to view.

Give yourself time. Many Conservative singles join a dating site thinking that true love will magically drop from cyberspace into their laps. Not the case! In many respects, online dating is very similar to the more traditional dating experience. You may have several “false alarms” before finally meeting someone special. Do not get discouraged if there is not a spark or passion instantly. If meeting a good friend instead of a mate is the worst thing that happens, then that is not so bad. Each person you encounter, no matter what type of relationship develops enriches your life. One of the great things about is that it is an excellent place to make new Conservative friends.

Let others help. has a great network of friends that meet and discuss various Conservative topics in our online forums. If you have a question or issue, this is a great place to ask another member for an opinion.

Dating sites can seem daunting and unfriendly. We are out to change all that at!