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We thought long and hard when creating about what Conservative singles would really want to see in a dating site. One of the things we love to do as politically minded singles is debate the issues. Unfortunately most main stream dating sites are not geared towards building a community. These monster sites are more concerned with racking up massive numbers of members and making a lot of cash.

Unlike most mainstream dating sites, is focused more on being a Conservative community and less on being a “meat market”. To this end, we have incorporated an advanced forums software program into our dating site.

What are forums? Forums are an easy way to discuss various topics and reply to other single members regarding their thoughts and reasoning. Think of it as being able to have a discussion online without the real-time pressure of live chat rooms. You can take your time and compose your message without other members waiting for you to say something. It’s easy to use and fun to learn about other single members.

Our forums cover a wide range of political and non-political topics. Current events, election issues, the war on terror…these are just a few topics you will find in our forums.

One of the great things about discussion forums is that they allow you to get a better idea on how other Conservative members think. This is a great way to find other singles who share your thought process without the pressure of romantic expectations. Once you notice another member making posts that you like, you can easily send them a message to start private conversations.

We are trying to be different from other dating sites. Our forums are just one example of how we are building a vibrant online community that is dedicated to helping Conservative singles like yourself meet their soul mate.