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Finding Conservatives

You may find it hard to believe, but there ARE Conservative singles out there!

With the advent of internet dating sites, tons of people have joined dating services hoping to meet someone special. The problem with many main stream sites is that a large majority of the members tend to be liberal. If you have belonged to any of the larger dating sites then you can probably relate to this issue.

Our site was founded by Conservative singles like you. We were fed up with trying to meet like-minded Conservatives on the mainstream dating sites. We decided early on that we wanted to make this site a fun place where Conservatives can meet and make friends. If romance develops then that’s great, but we also want to bring Conservative singles together and make lasting friendships.

One of the key features of our site is our active forums area. This is a perfect place to have stimulating conversation with other Conservative singles without worrying about impressing anyone. Discuss topics like current events, election issues, online dating and other topics. If you find someone interesting, you can easily check out thier profile and send them a private message.

There are more Conservative singles that feel like you do. Perhaps you are comfortable in the traditional dating settings, but just don’t have the time to frequent places to meet people. Our site is a perfect solution for you!